Context-aware sensor privacy for Android

Prebuit image for Nexus 4


For other phones that are supported by AOSP, please build our patched version of AOSP from source by following the instructions in Build.

Firewall Manager App


Note that this app will only work on the ipShield AOSP image.

Flash prebuilt image to your Nexus 4

After downloding our prebuit image for Nexus 4, you should unlock the bootloader of your phone:

          $ adb reboot bootloader
          $ fastboot devices
          $ fastboot oem unlock

Then use the following commands to flash the image (Please understand the risk of flashing your phone, and make sure to do back-up of important data):

          $ tar zxvf ipSheild-AOSP.tar.gz
          $ cd ipSield-AOSP
          $ export $ANDROID_PRODUCT_PATH=$PWD
          $ adb reboot bootloader
          $ fastboot -w flashall

Install Google apps

Please refer to this page for instructions about how to install Google apps (including the Play Store) on a phone with fresh AOSP.